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September Rewind: Marilyn: The Blonde Bombshell’s Mysterious Death

September Rewind: Marilyn: The Blonde Bombshell’s Mysterious Death

September 20, 2022

Special thanks to Jefferson Moore, independent filmmaker, for providing the guest intro for this repeat episode.

Episode Tie-In: The film “Blonde,” which is the subject of controversy due to its NC17 rating and graphic nature, airs on Netflix on September 23. For more details on the controversy, listen to our SW update episode posted on August 30th.

CW: Adult themes/descriptions of violence; listener discretion is advised.

Although often stereotyped as the ‘dumb blonde’ character, Marilyn Monroe was actually a complicated woman who overcame a traumatic childhood, studied acting with Lee Strasberg, co-founded her own production company, and formed relationships with a number of high-profile, powerful men. 

Sadly, Marilyn’s promising career was cut short in 1962 when she was found dead, nude in her bed with a telephone receiver in hand, the victim of an apparent overdose. She was only 36. 

But was Marilyn’s death really the result of an overdose and ‘probable suicide,’ as the coroner declared at that time? Or was Marilyn intentionally silenced, as many did and still believe, including her close friend Frank Sinatra?

September Rewind: In the Pit with ”Cobra Kai”

September Rewind: In the Pit with ”Cobra Kai”

September 13, 2022

Special thanks to Austin, a middle school principal, for providing the guest intro for this repeat episode.

Episode Tie-In:  "Cobra Kai" Season 5 premiered on Netflix on September 9th.

Candy introduces Ashley to the cultural phenomenon Cobra Kai. Calling on interviews with actors and producers of the hit show, Candy pulls back the curtain to share callbacks, Easter Eggs, and intentional choices made by the Cobra Kai show creators to satisfy both die-hard Karate Kid fans and also newer viewers.  

Warning: This episode contains spoilers.

September Rewind: ”JAWS” Part 1 & 2

September Rewind: ”JAWS” Part 1 & 2

September 6, 2022

Special thanks to Ross, creator of The Daily Jaws, the world's largest online “Jaws” fan community, for providing the guest intro for this repeat episode. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, and at 

Episode Tie-In: “Jaws” was released on IMAX and in RealD 3D beginning September 2 in the US.

Jaws Part 1: “The Shark Isn’t Working!” 

Widely known today as the first summer blockbuster and the movie that sparked shark-phobia in the hearts of many, back in the summer of 1974, 26-year-old “Jaws” director Steven Spielberg lived in constant fear of being fired, his dreams for the film crushed. 

Part 1 of this two-part episode focuses on the filming and casting challenges behind the movie “Jaws.” From the 3 malfunctioning mechanical sharks –collectively called Bruce, after Spielberg’s lawyer– to the tensions between Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss, to the sinking of the Orca boat, Candy and Ashley explore the challenges that caused a scheduled 55-day shoot to extend to 159 days and led some in the crew to start calling the production “Flaws.”

Jaws Part 2: Alcoholism, Script Rewrites, and the Lady in the Dunes

CW: Adult themes/descriptions of violence; listener discretion is advised.

Three weeks before the filming of “Jaws” was scheduled to start, Steven Spielberg still had no working script. Desperate, he asked his friend, writer Carl Gottlieb, to “eviscerate it.” And that’s exactly what Carl did, desperately writing most nights to stay ahead of the next day’s filming.  

This Part 2 episode delves into the many screen rewrites, character changes, and plot shifts that occurred throughout the filming of “Jaws.” 

From Quint’s USS Indianapolis monologue that had to be reshot due to Robert Shaw’s drunkenness, to the situation that saved a main character’s life, Candy and Ashley discuss these and many other behind-the-scenes stories. The two also touch on the famous “Lady in the Dunes” cold case speculated by Joe Hill– writer and son of Stephen King– to have a “Jaws” connection.

One Last Cuppa: An Update Episode to Top Off Season 1

One Last Cuppa: An Update Episode to Top Off Season 1

August 30, 2022

In this mega-episode, the season 1 finale, Candy and Ashley spill the tea about what came to light AFTER a number of episodes aired.

Why was “The Murder Squad” canceled, and what new development has occurred in the Gabby Petito case? What response did our Canadian friends have to the “Come From Away” episode? What legal battle threatens the makers of “Top Gun: Maverick”? What tragedy related to the USS Indianapolis did we NOT share in our “Jaws'' episode? Which guests pop in to say hello and share their own updates via audio clips?

You’ll hear all this and so much more! So be sure to enjoy one last cuppa with us before we move into our special September Rewind, then return for season 2 in October!

Quitters Never Win: The True Story Behind ”Rudy”

Quitters Never Win: The True Story Behind ”Rudy”

August 23, 2022

It’s the movie Kobe Bryant said changed his life. 

Based on a true story, the 1993 film “Rudy” tells the story of Dan “Rudy” Ruettiger’s dogged determination to fulfill his dream of attending Notre Dame and playing football for the Fighting Irish. “Rudy” remains one of the most popular sports movies of all time, mainly because it was not about football, but about the power of the human spirit. 

But some have questioned the details included in the film. According to Joe Montana, a Notre Dame teammate of Rudy’s, "It's a movie, remember ... not all that's true.”  

So what exactly does that phrase “based on” mean in this case? And does knowing that some artistic license was taken affect the movie’s impact? Listen in as Candy and Ashley explore these questions and compare the “reel” version to the actual events behind the inspirational and beloved film “Rudy.”

That’s So Method…Or Not

That’s So Method…Or Not

August 16, 2022

Daniel Day-Lewis. David Harbour. Marilyn Monroe. We recognize actors by name, and we admire their work. But how did they learn to do that? 

In this episode, we pull back the curtain to share some of the artistic influences behind famous screen stars. (And two not-so-famous actors, Candy and Ashley, share a few of their own influences and techniques as well!)

What advice helped make B.J. Novak into the director he is today? What is the Method Acting approach that some actors, like Daniel Day-Lewis, swear by? And why do others regard it as potentially dangerous? 

As an added bonus, we share a short interview with Dr. Jack Wann, whose career as a drama instructor and director has spanned more than 60 years, with the areas including high school, college, community theater, and 10 years at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

50s Music, High School Antics, and Celebrity Star Power = Greased Lightning!

50s Music, High School Antics, and Celebrity Star Power = Greased Lightning!

August 9, 2022
*This pre-recorded episode was scheduled for release today. We have decided to go ahead and air it in honor of the beautiful and talented Olivia Newton-John, who, sadly, passed away yesterday, August 8.

Olivia, we remain forever and always hopelessly devoted to you.  


Who hasn’t karaoke’d to a song from the ‘Grease’ movie soundtrack? 
From catchy songs like “Summer Lovin’” to the number one singles “Grease” and “You’re the One that I Want,” to the Oscar-nominated “Hopelessly Devoted to You,” the music from the 1978 hit movie ‘Grease’ resonated with the audience.


In fact, 44 years after its release, the “Grease” movie soundtrack remains one of the top 10 most popular of all time, based on sales data. Meanwhile, the film itself is still one of the top-grossing movie musicals of all time, as well as one of the most well-known. 


Be sure to catch this lively episode in which Candy and Ashley share interesting facts about the making and casting of the star-studded movie ‘Grease,’ starting with its origins as a stage play. The two also share their thoughts about why the film has been so beloved all these years, and weigh in on the controversial ending that has garnered increasing criticism over the passing years. This fun episode is the most… to say the least!

This fun episode is the most… to say the least!

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I Feel the Need for a Sequel… ”Top Gun: Maverick” and the Real TOPGUN

I Feel the Need for a Sequel… ”Top Gun: Maverick” and the Real TOPGUN

August 2, 2022

If the long-awaited sequel to the 1986 hit “Top Gun” took your breath away, you are not alone.  “Top Gun: Maverick” had already exceeded a billion dollars in worldwide box office sales by late June, boasts a 99% audience and 97% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and can be credited for influencing the sale of certain fashion items. (New sunglasses, anyone?)

But what about the real TOPGUN fighter weapons school that inspired it all– more formally known as the Navy's Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor Course? How did it start? How accurate is the movie’s depiction of TOPGUN? What does it really take to make it as a pilot…and as an instructor? 

From the facts behind the actual TOPGUN, to behind-the-scenes stories related to the fighter jet scenes in the sequel, to an extended Armchair discussion about what makes "Top Gun: Maverick" such a strong sequel, Candy and Ashley cover it all in this in-depth episode that will leave you saying, “Great Balls of Fire!”

“Six”:  Henry VIII’s Queens Spill the Tea on their Ex-Husband

“Six”: Henry VIII’s Queens Spill the Tea on their Ex-Husband

July 26, 2022

The premise of “Six,” the smash Broadway hit is this: 

Henry the VIII’s wives are in concert and ready to compete for the title of the queen with the most tragic circumstances. To win, each wife, a singer in this all-girl pop band, will tell her story through a featured song while the other queens sing back-up. Anne Boleyn’s song is called “Don’t Lose Ur Head.” 

Need we say more?

This fun, empowering musical reimagines history– referring to itself as a “historemix”-- and one way it does so is by modeling each queen after two current pop stars, called the “Queenspirations.” 

In this episode Candy and Ashley touch on the history of each of Henry VIII’s wives as compared to her representation in the musical “Six.” You’ll also hear the circumstances that led two college students to create this “global sensation,” and how they brought the musical –and these strong women, who tended to be downplayed or sometimes even vilified by history– to life.

”Chicago,” She Wrote - Part 2

”Chicago,” She Wrote - Part 2

July 19, 2022

Why did the author of the play Chicago spend her final years living as a recluse and wearing a black veil whenever she appeared in public?

How did a shy, religious, female journalist in the male-dominated world of 1920s Chicago end up creating the sexy, bawdy, controversial play in the first place?

And what happened after Beulah and Belva were acquitted? 

These are just a few of the many things you’ll learn in this fascinating Chicago Part 2 episode. You won’t want to miss these behind-the-scenes stories of the famous stage and film sensation and Maurine Watkins, the intriguing woman who created it.

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