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7 days ago

This episode of Scandal Water contains adult themes and descriptions of violence. It is not intended for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised. It’s the 3rd deadliest nightclub fire in US history and the reason you see a maximum capacity sign posted in every restaurant and bar you enter.
Yet many have never heard of the horrific fire that ravaged the Beverly Hills Supper Club in May of 1977, killing 165 people and injuring 200. 
Known as the “Showplace of the Midwest,” the opulent, sprawling facility located in Southgate, Kentucky, not only offered event space, but also boasted wildly popular Vegas-style performers and acts. 
The evening of May 28, 1977, approximately 1200 people crowded into the cabaret room to see the legendary performer John Davidson, never dreaming their night would end in a nightmare of flames and toxic fumes. Join us as we revisit not only the circumstances behind the tragic Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire, but also the impact it had on fire safety codes and the mystery that still lingers. #BeverlyHillsSupperClub #SupperClub #Nightclub #USHistory #Deadly #ShowplaceoftheMidwest #1970s #Vegas #Kentucky #TrueCrime #JohnDavidson #ScandalWaterPodcast #Podcast #TuesdayTea #History

Tuesday Sep 12, 2023

This episode of Scandal Water contains adult themes and descriptions of violence. It is not intended for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised. In last week’s episode, you heard the details behind the fascinating double-murder case involving Verna Garr Taylor and Henry Denhardt, former Kentucky Lieutenant Governor.
This week we have the privilege to speak with Ann D’Angelo, author of the book “Dark Highway” that delves into this infamous case. 
What insights did Ann glean from descendants of both Verna and Henry? What actually happened during that fateful day trip that ended with Verna lying in a ditch, dead from a gunshot? Did Henry really kill the woman at the center of the Seelbach’s “Lady in Blue” legend? Was Henry’s death an act of self-defense or murder? And what theory best explains the unsolved mystery of how Verna actually died?
We discuss all this and so much more in this lively interview with author Ann D’Angelo. So don’t miss your chance to travel the “Dark Highway” with the woman who spent 6 years researching these sensational murders. #DarkHighway #VernaGarTaylor #HenryDenhardt #GarrBrothers #Ann Dangelo #Interview #Law #TrueCrime #Podcast #Kentucky #KentuckyCrime #Crime #Mystery #Whodunnit #Murder #MurderMystery #ScandalWaterPodcast #TuesdayTea #Solved #History

Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

This episode of Scandal Water contains adult themes and descriptions of violence. It is not intended for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised. On November 6, 1936, beautiful Verna Garr Taylor left for a day trip with her fiance, former Lieutenant Governor Henry Denhardt. By day’s end, she would be lying in a ditch off Kentucky’s Highway 22 with a single bullet through her chest. 
Her fiance immediately declared it a suicide. To the people investigating the case, it looked like murder. 
This is just the beginning of the fascinating double-murder case detailed in the book “Dark Highway” by Ann D’Angelo… a case so sensational, it made front-page news across the nation for nearly a year. 
In this week’s episode, we walk you through the circumstances leading up to Verna’s death along that dark highway, as well as the equally shocking events that followed. You won’t want to miss this episode! Not only will you be drawn into the intriguing Taylor/Denhardt murder case, but it’ll also prepare you for our fascinating interview with author Ann D’Angelo that will air next week. Mid-Roll Ad: Support Scandal Water by visiting: or by sharing an episode or leaving a rating or review on your podcatcher of choice! #DarkHighway #VernaGarTaylor #HenryDenhardt #GarrBrothers #Ann Dangelo #Law #TrueCrime #Podcast #Kentucky #KentuckyCrime #Crime #Mystery #Whodunnit #Murder #MurderMystery #ScandalWaterPodcast #TuesdayTea #Solved #History

Tuesday Aug 08, 2023

In the words of Justin Timberlake, we “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” of excitement over reaching a huge Scandal Water Podcast milestone!
How fitting that on August 8th– designated as both National Happiness Happens Day and International Cat Day– we will be releasing our 100th episode! (Scotty approves of the timing.)
Join the fun as we celebrate this achievement and close season 2 with a PAR-TAY!  We’ll share audio messages sent in by listeners, answer questions, and offer a peek behind the scenes of Scandal Water Podcast. 
The only thing that could improve this event would be an appearance from YOU, so be sure to listen on the Scandal Water Podcast Youtube channel or your favorite podcatcher.
Support Scandal Water:
#ScandalWaterPodcast #Podcast #Podcaster #Youtube #NationalHappinessHappensDay #InternationalCatDay #100

Tuesday Aug 01, 2023

In this lively update episode, Candy and Ashley spill the tea about what came to light after their season 2 episodes aired.
What creepy experience inside Waverly Hills Sanitorium did one of our listeners share with us via an audio clip? Why were the charges dropped against Alec Baldwin in the “Rust” case? What new productions are in the works for both the “Star Wars” and “Stranger Things” franchises? And what’s the latest on our “bend in the road” celebrities, Michael J. Fox, Christina Applegate, and Robert Downey, Jr.?You’ll hear all this and so much more! So be sure to enjoy an extra cuppa with us before we close season 2 next week with a celebration of our 100th episode!#Update #ScandalWater #SpilltheTea #Rust #AlecBaldwin #WaverlyHillsSanitorium #VincentVanGogh #StarWars #StrangerThings #MichaelJFox #ChristinaApplegate #RobertDowneyJr #Podcast #Film #Movie

Tuesday Jul 25, 2023

Just a few weeks ago “Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One” opened in theaters, boasting what has been described as “the biggest stunt in the history of cinema” and is noted by one film exec to be “far and away the most dangerous thing we’ve ever attempted.” The stunt occurs when the hero, Ethan Hunt, rides a motorcycle off a huge cliff, then jumps off the bike in mid-fall to pull a parachute and ultimately land safely. 
The “Mission: Impossible” franchise has come to be associated with death-defying stunts, non-stop action, impressive disguises, and an unstoppable action hero in Tom Cruise.
But your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to travel back with us to the 1996 blockbuster that started it all, the original “Mission: Impossible,” in which espionage still played as large a role as the action. 
In this lively episode, we take you behind the scenes of the hit film, discussing everything from the inspiration for the movie to the reactions of the cast members of the “Mission: Impossible” TV series, to the special effects used to create the famous train scene, to the one regret Tom Cruise shared with Emilio Estevez. 
So be sure to join the fun; it will leave you saying, “Mission ACCOMPLISHED!”MID-ROLL AD: Support Scandal Water by visiting or your favorite podcast app and hitting subscribe/follow! Music used (not Josh Martin) Gothamlicious purchased from #MissionBlockbuster #TomCruise #ActionMovie #Movie #Film #Blockbuster #EthanHunt #Stunts #Spy #Thriller #JonVoight #EmilioEstevez 

Tuesday Jul 18, 2023

If Smash Mouth’s “All Star” or “I’m a Believer” immediately conjures up images of a green ogre and his lovable sidekick Donkey, this is the episode for you!
Join Ashley and Candy as they revisit the 2001 summer blockbuster “Shrek,” which broke ground not only with its animation techniques but also with its multi-platinum soundtrack and cheeky, irreverent take on our most beloved fairy tales.
What actors were originally chosen to voice Shrek and Fiona, and what circumstances led to their replacement? In what ways did Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, and Eddie Murphy influence the appearance, personality, and gestures of the characters they portrayed? What challenges did the filmmakers face in trying to achieve a more 3-dimensional form of animation– and to set themselves apart from Disney? And why use pop music for a story set in medieval times?
Be sure to catch this fun episode about the original ‘Shrek’-- the movie that made us all believers in happily-ever-after.MID-ROLL AD: Support Scandal Water by visiting #MikeMyers #Donkey #EddieMurphy #PrincessFiona #CameronDiaz #LordFarquad #JohnLithgow #SmashMouth #FairyTales #AntiHero #Gingerbreadman #MissionBlockbuster #Blockbuster #Summer #CGI #Animation #OscarWinner #AllStar #ImaBeliever #TrueLove #WilliamSteig #ShrektheMusical #Dreamworks #JeffreyKatzenberg #AndrewAdamson #TheFrenchAngel

Tuesday Jul 11, 2023

Great Scott! With “Back to the Future: The Musical” having just opened on Broadway, what better time to revisit the classic movie that started it all?
Few movies are more beloved or impactful than 1985’s  “Back to the Future.” It catapulted Michael J. Fox to megastar status, led to the creation of two hit songs, fueled the skateboarding craze, and proved that sci-fi (especially time-travel) movies could bring in big bucks at the box office. 
This week we take you “Back in Time.” More specifically, we take you behind the scenes of “Back to the Future,” including a discussion of the changes made to both the script and the cast, Crispin Glover’s lawsuit, fun facts about the making of the film, and much more!
So be sure to join us for this week’s episode… it’s your density.MID-ROLL AD: Be sure to support Scandal Water by leaving a 5-star rating & review, and sharing the episode with your friends! #MissionBlockbuster #MichaelJFox #ChristopherLloyd #LeaThompson #CrispinGlover #Film #Blockbuster #TimeTravel #SciFi #Movie #Delorean #Einstein #80s #1980s #MartyMcFly #DocBrown #Biff #Ilovethe80s #BacktoTheFuture #BacktoTheFutureTheMusical #HueyLewis #PowerofLove #BackInTime

Tuesday Jul 04, 2023

Watching a fireworks show: hosting a backyard barbecue; wearing red, white, and blue; displaying the American flag… these are just a few ways people celebrate Independence Day in the U.S.
But if you’d like to add a little extra sizzle to your July 4th holiday this year,  join us for a look at the beloved adventure movie “National Treasure” in which Nic Cage utters one of the most iconic (and most memed) lines of all time: “I’m gonna steal the Declaration of Independence.”
From behind-the-scenes stories to fast facts about the historical clues used in the film, this fun episode will not only bring back nostalgic memories of the movie and a swaggering Nic Cage, but also of your 8th-grade field trip. 
They say history repeats itself. In this case, nearly 20 years after the film’s release, you have the chance to revisit the quest of Benjamin Franklin Gates, his sidekick Riley Poole, and archivist Abigail Chase to save one of America’s most important documents. It’ll be an episode to treasure!MID-ROLL AD: We want to hear from you! Help us celebrate our 100th episode on August 8th by sending in your emails or audio clips to scandalwaterpodcast@gmail.comMusic used (Not Josh Martin): Heroic Adventure - purchased from (No composer listed) #MissionBlockbuster #NicCage #NicolasCage #NationalTreasure #IndependenceDay #The4thofJuly #movie #film #blockbuster #history #americanhistory #JustinBartha #DianeKruger #SeanBean #JonVoight #ChristopherPlummer #HarveyKeitel #JohnAdams #BenFranklin #BenjaminFranklin #BenjaminFranklinGates #DeclarationofIndependence #WashingtonDC

Tuesday Jun 27, 2023

“I travel because I would rather look back at my life, saying ‘I can’t believe I did that’ instead of ‘if only I had.’  ~ Florine Bos
For our final episode in June, Candy and Ashley invite you to come along on their own personal summer road trips!
Join in the fun as they share a few highlights, recommendations, challenges, and tips related to their own travels this summer. With Candy heading out west and Ashley to the south, their experiences range from kayaking the Colorado River to meeting the owner of the “Best Historic Saloon in the West” to staying on the beautiful Tybee Island, to taking a personalized tour with everyone’s favorite guide, Tommy Dew– and so much more!
So grab your sunscreen and flip-flops, and buckle up for one final summer travel adventure. Candy and Ashley don’t want to take this trip without you!MID-ROLL AD: We want to hear from you! Help us celebrate our 100th episode on August 8th by sending in your emails or audio clips to #RoadTrip #Travel #Summer #Vacation #Recommendation  #ColoradoRiver #Saloon #OutWest #TheSouth #TybeeIsland #TommyDew #WaltDisneyWorld #JekyllIsland #Charleston #Asheville #Biltmore 


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