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‘Stranger Things’: A Nostalgic Love Letter to the 80’s

November 8, 2022

Eleven. Justice for Barb. The Upside Down. Bob. “Running Up That Hill.” Eddie.

Recognize these references? Then you are probably one of the millions of fans who just celebrated “Stranger Things Day” on November 6th (the day in 1983 that Will Byers went missing)

Join us as we discuss this “love letter to 80s cult classic movies” and one of the most popular series of all time, tracing it from its beginnings through the recently released season 4.

How did the Duffer brothers find their amazing cast of child actors? Which 80s movies inspired key scenes from the series? What original ending was planned for season 1? How was Bob supposed to die, according to the early scripts? What do we know about the 5th and final season? 

Grab your Walkman, throw on those legwarmers, and join us for this “Stranger Things” episode. It’s totally gnarly!

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