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Jurassic Park 1993: Spielberg Finds a Way

June 21, 2022

With a plot centered around hungry dinosaurs on the loose due to a disabled security system, and the likable lead characters–including two young children– in mortal danger, the original Jurassic Park promised to be a hit.

But the 1993 film, directed by Steven Spielberg, had more than a strong plot going for it… as well as a few challenges. 

In this T-Rex-sized extended episode, Ashley and Candy take a deep dive into the movie that started the billion-dollar Jurassic Park franchise.

What was the real-life science that inspired the story? How did Spielberg juggle directing both Jurassic Park and another award-winning film at roughly the same time? How did the special effects team break ground with their use of both CGI and animatronics to create the film’s dinosaur visuals? Why exactly does Ian Malcolm have an open shirt when it’s clearly his leg that is injured? 

Listen in as we discuss these questions and so much more!

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