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An ‘Untouchable’ Reputation? The Truth about Eliot Ness, with Douglas Perry

November 15, 2022

For many Americans, the name Eliot Ness conjures up images of a young Kevin Costner in 1987’s film “The Untouchables,” or perhaps Robert Stack’s version from a few decades earlier. Our younger listeners may not recognize the name at all.

But for a time, Eliot Ness was legendary, famously taking on Al Capone and the Chicago mob, leading daring raids as a Prohibition agent, cleaning up the Cleveland police department, and generally solidifying his reputation as an American hero. Until that is, it all ended. 

Join us for this fascinating conversation with Douglas Perry, author of “Eliot Ness: The Rise and Fall of An American Hero.” From Eliot’s exploits as a Prohibition agent to his complicated relationship with women to the insecurities that plagued this man who is often depicted as being larger-than-life, we cover it all in this lively interview. 

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