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“Six”: Henry VIII’s Queens Spill the Tea on their Ex-Husband

July 26, 2022

The premise of “Six,” the smash Broadway hit is this: 

Henry the VIII’s wives are in concert and ready to compete for the title of the queen with the most tragic circumstances. To win, each wife, a singer in this all-girl pop band, will tell her story through a featured song while the other queens sing back-up. Anne Boleyn’s song is called “Don’t Lose Ur Head.” 

Need we say more?

This fun, empowering musical reimagines history– referring to itself as a “historemix”-- and one way it does so is by modeling each queen after two current pop stars, called the “Queenspirations.” 

In this episode Candy and Ashley touch on the history of each of Henry VIII’s wives as compared to her representation in the musical “Six.” You’ll also hear the circumstances that led two college students to create this “global sensation,” and how they brought the musical –and these strong women, who tended to be downplayed or sometimes even vilified by history– to life.

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