Scandal Water

A Grave Episode: Candy and Ashley Visit the Cemetery

October 25, 2022

While visiting a graveyard might seem reminiscent of a scene from a scary movie, cemetery tourism is actually a booming industry. Whether it’s to honor loved ones,  learn about history, reflect in a picturesque, peaceful environment, or, yes, enjoy the tingling unease that can result from a nighttime graveyard visit, people are drawn to cemeteries.

In this final Spooktober episode, you will experience a ‘Scandal Water’ first… a cemetery field trip! But no fear warning is necessary; the focus is to explore the lives of some interesting people who went before us. 

Using an interview-style format, Candy and Ashley share their respective gravesite visits with each other, honoring a handful of notable figures from the entertainment world, including Muhammad Ali, Johnny Mercer, and Rose Monroe, better known as Rosie the Riveter

Listen to the podcast episode AND/OR go to the Scandal Water Podcast youtube channel where you can not only watch the interview but also see the visuals and gravesite pictures that help tell the story of these intriguing individuals.

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